The Restaurant

Restaurant Concept Render - exterior view with terrace

Browns Bay, Auckland

Food is art. Food is theatre with a measure of drama and a pinch of magic mixed in. The kitchen is the stage, the chef, the magician. The cooking process involves a change at the molecular level, new patterns emerge.

This, which started from researching the process of aging meat, was the inspiration for the restaurant design. The molecular patterns are apparent in the terrace lattice structure, the perforated aluminium balustrade, the mesh screens, chain curtains and all textures employed, from the larger to the small scale.

 This project made use of a high degree of  3D modelling / BIM with all consultant’s models integrated into one for efficient co-ordination, as well as an impressive VR viewing experience.

 [ Project undertaken while at Context Architects ]

Restaurant interior fit-out drawing
Restaurant interior fit-out elevation drawings
Restaurant Concept - interior fit-out

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